Lifetime Achievement Award


Al Blanchard


MAPA Lifetime Service Award


Honoring Al’s Involvement in Michigan’s Automotive

Aftermarket for More Than 50 Years


Presented this 11th day of September, 2013 




Al Blanchard

2013 MAPA Lifetime Service Award

(Presented by Terri Thompson, September 11, 2013)


Al started out owning a couple service stations in the mid 50's. The last station had a rather large parts inventory. Other service stations in the area knew this, and turned to Al for their after-hours parts.  Al’s partner Jack Sugars got upset because they were “helping out the competition”.  One day Al said to Jack, "What do you think about  opening a parts store? I don't want to pump gas the rest of my life!", and on February 15, 1959 they opened Mid-5 Auto Supply, an independent auto parts store in Livonia.  They continued running the service station until the lease was up. The business finally took off by being open from 8 am until 10 pm Monday-Saturday and 10 am until 4 pm on Sundays. Al always thought that if you weren't open when a customer needed something, he'll buy it somewhere else. You could always depend on Al to be ready and willing to be of service.


Al & his wife Patty Ann celebrated their 62nd anniversary in June, they have 3 children, Joyce, Mike and Ron. All 3 have worked in the family business over the years, and Ron became Al's partner when Jack Sugars passed away in 1991.


Al was a supportive and active member of MAPA for 42 years. He has served on MAPA’s Board of Directors as Chairman in 1989, then Past Chairman and on the Advisory Committee serving a total of 28 years.


Al is a Korean War Veteran, served for 6 years (1948-1954) in the United States Air Force. He is a 50 plus year member of the Livonia Lions Club, regularly participates in fund raising activities, is an avid coin collector and member of the Wayne Coin Club. After 53 years of success in business, Al sold Mid-5 Auto Supply in 2012. Now that he is retired, his spare time consists of Golfing, Hunting, Fishing and Visiting Casinos.


Thank you Al for supporting your association, and your industry through the years!  Congratulations on receiving the 2013 MAPA Lifetime Service Award!






Sam Rogers


MAPA Lifetime Achievement Award


Honoring Sam’s Involvement in Michigan’s 

Automotive Aftermarket for More Than 50 Years




Presented this 15th day of September, 2010 



2010 MAPA Lifetime Achievement Award

(Present by Fred Bunting, September 15, 2010)

(Award Accepted by Andy Rogers, Sam's son)




  • Started at City Auto Parts as a partner with brother Al
  • He served in the army in world war II
  • Then came Parts Warehouse
  • 50+ years in the aftermarket


  • His word was his bond
  • He was a man of honesty and integrity
  • Very inspirational man to others
  • He was loved for dedications to family, friends and customers
  • His customers where his friends

Love of Life

  • Played tennis at Wayne State and ranked 10th in singles nationally
  • He also love to play golf
  • I think he was a guy who just loved life in every way possible!

Aftermarket Accomplishments

  • Parts Warehouse grew to be one of the biggest and best warehouse distributors in the aftermarket.
  • Put many independent jobbers in business
  • He was a great motivator and councilor to his jobber customers
  • He spends a lot of his time in the marketplace with his customers.
  • He was the face of Parts Warehouse

Other Personal Accomplishments

  • Mason
  • Loins Club 
  • Board member of the Temple Israel in Bay City

How he helped me

  • I saw Sam spending a lot of his time visiting his customers and I admired that. Sam knew if you want to build strong customer relationships and know what is really going on you had to be on the streets.
  • I saw this as important and I should do the same to be successful building Auto-Wares Group of Companies.


  • Sam is our inaugural Winner and What a Winner He WAS!

Thank You Sam Rogers, Parts Warehouse, Bay City, Michigan.




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